Brynn Hudson

Founder & Lead Designer

brynn hudson jewelry was founded in 2006 by Brynn Hudson, who currently serves as our lead designer, and our chief promoter through her extensive social media presence.  

brynn hudson jewelry is custom made jewelry that is designed to be worn for any occasion - from casual to country club.  Brynn's mantra has always been that jewelry should not only be FUN but also versatile.  You should be able to throw it on when going to the grocery store or grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend, but then elegant and graceful enough to be worn when attending a black-tie event.  Most importantly, she loves jewelry that looks rich without the price tag. 

But there was never anything that she could find that checked all of those boxes... so, the only thing left to do was to create it herself!  From there, brynn hudson jewelry was born. 

With every new collection designed, we always keep in mind the ever-evolving styles of our amazing customer base. It has been an amazing journey so far, and we are forever thankful to our committed customers who support us everyday and inspire us to continue to create.