Regine Labossiere

"I want to be the person 
who dreams. 
Who does.
Who never wonders, 
What if?
That way I can eventually get to the place where I can sit down and say, I did." -Régine Labossière

has made her career in the media industry, starting out as a reporter for several newspapers across the country and then moving into public relations. While writing has always been her passion, so has making clothes. Régine started out making clothes as a young child, but has recently turned that hobby into a business while still working fulltime as a publicist.

Of her clothing line Régine says, “Even though I always loved to design, make and sell clothes, it was only after repeatedly hearing the woes of pregnant friends who were buying maternity clothes that I finally realized I had something to say as a designer.”

And this was what led to the birth of Mitton & La Boss. To create her masterpieces, Régine carefully selects lush and comfortable fabrics and arranges, cuts, and stitches the cloth into versatile yet trendy maternity-wear. But here’s the best part:  All of her pieces can be worn just as stylishly by the non-pregnant woman as well and fit with just as much flair!