It's Her Business

Brynn Hudson designed her fist necklace with versatility in mind. Because she couldn't find a piece of jewelry she felt she could wear with every outfit, from more formal wear to workout clothes, she took to designing her own. With this idea, she set out to design jewelry that would not only compliment every woman, but make every woman feel elegant, yet powerful whether she is leading a senior executive team or teaching in a public school classroom. 
As a way to direct attention to the different faces of women who love and wear Brynn Hudson jewelry, we decided to embark upon a series of photo installments which focuses on the many faces and personalities of women. To make this project more rich, we collaborated with well-known New Jersey photographers and felt it best to work from specific angles. Considering Brynn is a female entrepreneur who built her own business from the ground up, we decided to use this idea for our first installment calling it, "It's Her Business." We worked with photographer Ananda Lima and invited powerful women who had started, run and own their own businesses. The women who participated range in ages and in the type of businesses they own. To round out the project, we then asked the women to share what advice they would give to emerging female entrepreneurs which was then added to each woman's photograph.
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