Emmebeth Mischel

"What drives me every day is teh joy of being a catalyst to transform the lives of others and enable their success." - Emmebeth Mischel Ethiopia's Tomorrow

was born to a single mother in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, only to end up in an orphanage a few days after her birth. She remained in the the orphanage, Abune Andreas, until eventually meeting her birth mother here in the United States at 21 years old.

Once settled in the U.S., married, and with a daughter of her own, Emme made a trip back to Ethiopia, where she and her husband adopted a little boy also from an orphanage. It was upon this trip that Emme realized that she not only had the ability, but also the desire to create a nonprofit organization devoted to helping the children of the same orphanage in which she was raised.

Ethiopia's Tomorrow strives to help the orphanage Abune Andreas through sponsorship of children which provide school uniforms & basic school supplies and a collection of goods which Emmebeth brings with her on her trips back to Ethiopia.