Becky Williamson

founder of the food blog, Food for Harper.

Where did Food for Harper come from? Well, Becky is a mom who makes healthy, creative, colorful lunches for her two children, one of whom is named Harper! When making lunch for her kids, she keeps it simple by just following the five basic food groups and using a lot of color. The lunches she creates are doable. You will not find any fancy recipes, and everything you see on her social media feeds takes her 15 minutes or less.

In 2014, Becky was a guest on Harumi Kurihara's (widely known as the Martha Stewart of Japan) show "Today's Cooking," which showcased a special culinary program "Harumi Kurihara's Bento in the U.S.A." She has partnered with companies such as Sabra, GoGURT and Chex Brand cereal. Becky's been interviewed on, and has been featured on the Facebook pages of EasyLunchboxes, Yumbox, Planetbox, The First Years, Zone Perfect Nutrition Bars, as well as many other companies. She has done demonstrations in the NYC Public School system and in preschools near where she currently lives. She enjoys giving advice to her followers on how to create a healthy lunch for their own child.

Becky's philosophy? Food for your child doesn't have to be difficult. Keep your fridge stocked with a wide variety of fresh produce, dairy, deli meat and cheese. That way, you will have everything you need to create a healthy lunch.