As a way to direct attention to the different faces of women who love and wear Brynn Hudson jewelry, we decided to embark upon a series of photo installments which focuses on the many faces and personalities of women. To make this project more rich, we collaborated with well-known New Jersey photographers and felt it best to work from specific angles.

Here is our second photo installment. For this project, we collaborated with celebrated and internationally recognized photographer, Neil van Niekerk, and focused on women over the age of 55. While younger women are always the focus in media, we felt this more mature and underrepresented group deserved to have the spotlight turned on them. What we found were working women who had started and currently still run their own businesses. We found retired federal employees, and teachers. And most of all, we found rich life experiences and a whole list of accomplishments. All of this inspired us to come up with a simple yet appropriate name for this installment: "Accomplished."

Brynn Hudson Jewelry looks so forward to more projects honoring women of all ages as they build inroads, bridge gaps, raise children & grandchildren, embark on new endeavors, and help to solve the world's problems!

We asked:

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